Programs & Services

Expertise and Tools to Empower Our Partners

Once facilities are built and teams are in place, it’s the HIH programs and services that allow for a consistently higher quality of care and transformational patient experiences. Every leader, partner, investor and provider aligned with HIH has full access to a comprehensive suite of services that continuously improve revenue streams and operational efficiencies, including:

Billing & Collection Services

Group Purchasing

Management Services

Academic & Professional Development

Medical Exchange & Concierge Services

Creative Risk Solutions

Whether working with an HIH partner facility or on a consulting basis with facilities that lie outside of our network, the HIH programs and services offerings deliver the expertise and support needed in any facility to elevate care and ensure success.

Primary Management Services

In every joint venture, HIH provides the comprehensive, ground-up support that guarantees efficient development, streamlined operations and ongoing clinical and financial success. Our work begins with identifying, recruiting and organizing investors at the project outset, and covers every subsequent aspect of facility management, including:

  • Fiscal Management, Reporting & Analytics
  • Staffing & Physician Recruitment
  • Operations Management
  • Strategic Planning & Business Plan Development
  • Regulatory Compliance, Credentialing & Accreditation
  • Risk Management
  • Clinical Outcomes & Benchmarking
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Billing, Bundled Pricing & Payer Negotiations

Billing & Collection Services

Our providers and facility partners should be focused exclusively on the business of patient care, which is why HIH manages billing and revenue cycle management (RCM) on their behalf. Utilizing proprietary software that can be integrated into any facility’s electronic management systems, our remote RCM teams work closely with those in-country to maintain efficient claims and billing processes, which in turn promote consistent cash flow.

Comprehensive RCM and billing services include:

  • Insurance Verification
  • Claims Filing & Appeals Management
  • Patient Billing & Payment Posting
  • Reconciliation of Dated Accounts
  • Expert Coding

Group Purchasing

Members of the HIH provider network benefit greatly from group purchasing opportunities, with vendor contracts negotiated by HIH on behalf of its unified partner base. We work closely with every facility’s executive leadership and supply managers to ensure that group purchasing contracts address key needs and expectations, ensuring in turn that our partners remain financially successful and operationally agile.

In addition to simple buying power, our group purchasing arrangements present a unique opportunity for provider partners to assist each other through shared knowledge, allowing each entity to present its ideas regarding how select products and services can positively impact patient care quality.

Medical Exchange & Concierge Services

Concierge services and the management of patient movement are a central component to both HIH facilities and our overarching patient-centric model of care. It allows us to extend regional care to a broader demographic—increasing local revenue and case volume—while helping patients across many nations find the care they need at a cost they can afford.

Facilities that join the HIH Provider Network gain immediate access to services from the Global Health Innovations team, a specialty division with comprehensive understanding of the legal processes involved in patient movement and the resources to build integrated medical tourism programs in-country. The cumulative technical and operational experience of this unique team makes them quality leaders in:

  • Patient & Provider Coordination
  • Patient Movement
  • Concierge Services
  • Provider Development
  • Call Center Operation

Partnering Up to Manage Patient Movement

The Global Health Innovations team works with many partners, both regionally and in-country, to successfully implement and manage new integrated medical tourism programs, and then manage subsequent care coordination and navigation.

Local Health Entity Partners: working with local health systems, private practices and independent providers, the team develops bundled pricing solutions and discounted rates on select episodes of care to make services more accessible to medical travel patients.

In-Country Service & Hospitals Providers: because patient coordination includes provisions such as lodging and transportation, the team works with these local providers to develop bundled pricing options and discounted rates on hotels, airfare, ground transportation and more.

Regional Health Leaders & In-Country Representatives: to provide an end-to-end medical exchange service solution, the Global Health Innovations team partners with regional providers and in-country representatives to develop and fine-tune all aspects of the experience, including prospecting, care plan design, home health, recovery and research.

Preparing Providers to Deliver Quality Care

HIH aims to provide every medical exchange patient with an engaging and fulfilling experience, and to that end our Global Health Innovations team works to train and prepare patient care coordinators and concierge partners throughout the HIH Provider Network; these crucial partners become key to delivering quality service and care throughout the entire medical exchange experience.

Patient Care Coordinators are trained to deliver the following:

  • Integrated Patient Movement Process Workflow
  • Customer Care Coordination
  • Patient Care Plan Design
  • Financial Clearance/Insurance
  • Contracts & Payments
  • Pre-Medical Exchange (ME) Preparation
  • Post-Procedure Care & Follow-Up

Concierge Partners are trained to manage the following aspects of the patient experience:

  • Airline Travel & Ground Transportation
  • Accommodations
  • Cuisine
  • Weather Insight
  • Culture & Entertainment
  • Currency Exchange


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